Donations and Gift Giving

Continental Societies, Inc. is a non-profit organization organized under 501 c 3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Our mission is to serve children in need. Your donations allow us to change the lives of the next generation through the implementation of programs in the areas of Health, Education, Employment, Recreation + Arts and Humanities.  No gift is too small.

 Giving a Gift in Memory

If you are planning to give a gift in memory or in honor of someone you love, consider contributing to changing a child’s life for the better. Consider investing in Continental Societies, Inc. H.E.E.R. youth activities and scholarship program.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution in tribute to or to commemorate a special date please use the Donate button below or contact the National Economic Development Committee Chairperson at

All memorial and honor gifts will be acknowledged through a letter from the national president of Continental Societies, Inc. to the honored person. Please make sure to include your memorial or honoree. Include the name and address of the honoree, or if you are making a memorial gift, please include the family address of the person being remembered.

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