Continental Societies, Inc.®

National Recognition Awards

National Continental Societies, Inc.®® recognizes Continentals past and present for dedicated unselfish work to improve the standards of all youth with special needs, putting self aside to help foster and promote better health, education, employment, recreation and arts and humanities for every youth regardless of race, creed, or origin.

The Lillian Parks Thomas Award is a very special award and is the most prestigious award presented to an outstanding Continental who has demonstrated a commitment to the Continental cause on the national and local levels.

Continental Societies bestows its highest honor to a Continental for a permanent place to have and hold in history. The Hall of Fame Award is given each odd number year (2007, 2009, 2011, 2013 etc.). The recipients are selected, one from each region.


The awards are presented to individual members or chapters who have performed outstanding services during the year.

2019 President Award Recipients

Jean Roach

LavDena Orr, MD