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Greetings from The National President

Greetings –

Continental Societies, Inc. is a 501(c)(3), a non-profit organization that comprises 46 chapters located in the United States, the District of Columbia and on the island Bermuda. For over 60 years members of the Continental Societies, Inc. have dedicated their time and talents to change the lives of children in need. Continental women continue to impact the lives of children in local communities by planning and implementing community service programs that improved the lives of over 360,000 children annually.

Continental women develop programs through the implementation of our five-point programmatic thrust that focuses on the areas of Health, Education, Employment, Recreation plus Arts, and Humanities.  Local chapters are changing the lives of children and positioning children in need to compete on a larger platform.

Our mission is to create environments within our communities that empower children to have access to quality and appropriate opportunities to reach their optimal potential. Continental chapters have also developed partnerships with local churches, schools, sororities and fraternities, civic groups, and corporations to maximize our service to children.

As the 14th National President of Continental Societies Inc., I am honored to serve at the helm of this amazing organization.  On behalf of the entire membership of the Continental Societies, Inc., I invite you to peruse our website and share our motivation and vision to address the unmet needs of children.


Robin T. Browder, Esq.
National President


633 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, First Floor

Washington, DC  20004


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